Are you a Star Wars fan? Ever thought of having a themed event based on


Then you just have to have a mind-reading Jedi Knight to impress your earthling friends!

With authentic Jedi outfit, this robed mind-wizard will mix and mingle amongst your guests and mesmerise them with the power of the mind using mentalism techniques which are a fusion of magic, psychology and suggestion.

There are many Stormtroopers at these events and for me they create a disturbance in the Force. You need to hire this Jedi to bring balance back to the Galaxy.

Your Jedi is professional magician and mind reader Ian Souch who is a member of the prestigious Magic Circle.

He is a past winner of The Home Counties Most Entertaining Acts and has performed at the Edinburgh and Camden Fringes, theatres in London, Reading and Windsor as well as being the guest mentalist act aboard the Princess cruise line.