Mentalism is a fusion of magic, suggestion and psychology. Mentalism or mind reading is a truly unique way to entertain your guests. The reaction from your guests when I am able to literally read their minds, thoughts and inner secrets will leave them stunned. When I perform mind reading and mentalism at your event you will see why this is one of the most popular entertainment forms today; mind reading or psychological illusion is something that truly captures the imagination of audiences and has been made hugely popular by television performers such as Derren Brown.

I have performed this form of magic at numerous events, as well as my own touring mentalism and mind reading show which has been extremely successful and met with positive reviews throughout it's run. My mind reading and mentalism show has been filling theatres and venues, and has been seen by many stunned audiences, including a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe, Camden Fringe as well as aboard the cruise ship Pacific Princess.

  • ""Mentalist Ian Souch for me, was the strongest act on the Bill"
    Walt Lees Abra Magazine review of Shinfield theatre show in Reading
  • "He’s better than Derren Brown!"
    Jemma (Royal Stag Pub, Datchet)
  • ""Ian performs feats so impressive they make him appear psychic."
    Three Weeks Edinburgh review
  • "Souch is a clever man playing with our memory and preconceptions"
    SnipeLondon Camden Fringe Review
  • "Souch is best when openly displaying an ability to read people’s subconscious expressions"
    SnipeLondon Camden Fringe Review
  • "Walk through the door into a very different way of thinking. Souch manages to access ordinary thoughts and ideas to create a thoroughly enjoyable and impressive’s a must see!"
    Onthefringepaper Camden Fringe show review