Ian Souch Professional Magician & Mentalist

Having a Magician or Mind reader as the entertainment at your private party, wedding, or corporate event party really helps to create a great atmosphere, break the ice with guests and create a truly memorable event for you and your guests. Magic is not just about tricks, but about entertaining people, bringing them together with fun, laughter and amazement. I will mingle with and personally entertain your guests at your event so they feel welcomed, important and part of your social occasion. My name is Ian Souch, and I am an award winning entertainer from Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, I am passionate about Magic, Mind Reading, and making your event a success for you.
Many people have found out by booking me how magic breaks the ice with those who are uncomfortable with large crowds, stimulates conversation and is high class entertainment where your guests are the centre of attention; I can achieve this by performing Close Up Magic, Stand Up Magic or Mentalism at your event, as I have with many other satisfied clients.
I am a Member Of The Magic Circle, and also have been awarded the title of 'The Home Counties Most Entertaining Magical Act', and have performed my Mentalism Stand Up act aboard Cruiseliners as well as being hired as the Mentalist for Pepsico in Madrid for their HR Directors; meaning that you can be sure that I'm very well prepared for making sure all of your guests come away entertained and with a feeling of having had a wonderful experience.

Client Testimonials

Peter Jones
Dragon's Den

"I want to employ that man as my Financial Director."

JoAnne Good
The Late Show on BBC London 94.7

The man is phenomenal!!

Jon Culshaw
Professional television impressionist

"Something deeply mysterious about that."

Prue Leith
Cookery writer, novelist and TV presenter from The Great British Menu

"What a brilliant magician you are, and not just because you can turn sterling into dollars and wrap up peoples' rings and find their playing cards — and I have never seen any of those tricks better done and some I've never seen at all before — but because you were so utterly charming and fun to be with. I would recommend you anytime."

Corporate Clients

I would be happy to personally discuss with you exactly how I can make your event a success, and explain how you can use my skills as an entertainer to create a wonderful event.