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Windsor Wizard!

Thursday, March 24th, 2011
Reality Vaccine Mentalism Show
Reality Vaccine Mentalism Show

Last saturday Nikki Campbell, my creative director, and  myself put on our Mentalism Show called Reality Vaccine at the Firestation Art Centre in Windsor.

I had my very talented close up friends Clive Winterton and Chris Marris performing close up magic at the bar beforehand to loosen the audience up, as well as steal a few watches should the show not make enough money! Turns out, the show was a humongous success, nearly a total sellout show!
It takes so much effort to put on a show, but it all came together in the end.
Helps to have such a magnificent theatre with proper lighting, sound and even smoke machines..ohhhhh!
After the show, Nikki and I were deperate for some food, and found a super Indian restaurant close by. There was a boisterous group of people inside. They saw us arrive and said they had booked the show on a whim, thinking it may be a comedy act!  Fortunately they loved the show and typically, I ended up showing them some close up magic! 
We are hoping next to put on our show at the Camden Fringe in August after it’s successsful run at the

Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year.