Hire a magician for a party

Ian - magic at a partyIf you are looking to Hire a magician for a party, a few things you can do is to check whether they are a member of The Magic Circle in London. This means that they at least are serious about magic and that they have been through a strict audition process to gain membership. Aslo see they have a website that tells you about the performer, their style, their history of performing and perhaps some quotes. I feel that having a showreel is important too, as this allows you to see the character of the magician as well as their expertise. Magical entertainment is not all about the magic tricks, but also the performance. Remember there are a number of entertainers out there really clever with a computer, but performance wise leads much to be desired.

People have paid good, hard earned money to have a magician at their event, so choose your magician wisely. If you do you will be rewarded by delightful entertainment, witty banter, astounding tricks and guests being thrilled. I had the pleasure of performing Magic at a birthday party of Mark Yelland. It was his 50th celebration in Hampshire, a county I think is so beautiful. it was a cosy group of about 30 people where I mixed and mingled amongs the guests. Mark emailed later the next week, ‘Just wanted to say a big thank you for entertaining my guests at my 50th birthday party. Everyone was surprised to see you and it certainly got everyone talking. We have had so many people telling us of the magic you performed, and they are totally perplexed and amazed as to how you did it’. If you would like me to entertain your guests at your next event, then please do Get in touch.